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Here's Charly McClain (1977)

Charly McClain - Here's Charly McClain

Here's Charly McClain

  1. It's Too Late to Love Me Now
  2. Your Eyes
  3. Lay Down
  4. You Can Love It Away
  5. Pride and Sorrow
  6. Lay Something on My Bed Besides a Blanket
  7. Leanin' on the Bottle
  8. Lovin' Arms
  9. Love Me Till the Morning Comes
  10. Hasten Down the Wind

Let Me Be Your Baby (1978)

Charly McClain - Let Me Be Your Baby

Let Me Be Your Baby

  1. That's What You Do to Me
  2. Take Me Back
  3. You Can't Make Love by Yourself
  4. 1+1 = Love
  5. Make The World Go Away
  6. I'll Love Away Your Troubles for Awhile
  7. You Should Be Layin'iIn Her Arms
  8. Come Take Care of Me
  9. Bedtime Comes Earlier at Our House
  10. Let Me Be Your Baby

Alone Too Long (1979)

Charly McClain - Alone Too Long

Alone Too Long

  1. When a Love Ain't Right
  2. I've Been Alone Too Long
  3. Baby I'm-A Want You
  4. I'm Putting My Love Inside You
  5. You're a Part of Me
  6. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
  7. I'd Rather Fall in Love With You
  8. Gettin' Over You
  9. I've Never Loved Nobody Like I Love You
  10. You Decorated My Life

Women Get Lonely (1980)

Charly McClain - Women Get Lonely

Women Get Lonely

  1. Women Get Lonely
  2. Somebody's Got to Sing the Sad Songs
  3. Let's Put Our Love in Motion
  4. Too Sad for Laughing
  5. I Hate the Way I Love It (featuring Johnny Rodriguez)
  6. Stuck Right in the Middle of Your Love
  7. I Don't Have to Dream Anymore
  8. Men
  9. Sleepin' With a Drifter
  10. All by Myself Again

Who's Cheatin' Who (1980)

Charly McClain - Who's Cheatin' Who

Who's Cheatin' Who

  1. Who's Cheatin' Who
  2. I've Given About All I Can Take
  3. I Think I Could Love You (Better Than She Did)
  4. Somebody Wants to Love Me Tonight
  5. Keep on Lovin' You
  6. Competition
  7. I'm Really Me, You're Really You
  8. Only the Lonely Know
  9. Make Believe It's Your First Time
  10. Love Scenes

Surround Me with Love (1981)

Charly McClain - Surround Me With Love

Surround Me with Love

  1. Sweet and Easy, Soft and Slow
  2. Surround Me with Love
  3. Sleepin' With the Radio on
  4. That's All a Woman Lives for
  5. You and Me
  6. The Very Best Is You
  7. I'm Out of My Mind
  8. I've Never Loved Anyone More
  9. He's Back
  10. Love Left Over

Too Good to Hurry (1982)

Charly McClain - Too Good to Hurry

Too Good to Hurry

  1. Dancing Your Memory Away
  2. Do It Again (A Little Bit Slower)
  3. Twilight
  4. I'd Rather Give It Away to a Stranger (Than Throw It Away on You)
  5. When the Love's Still There
  6. Everyday Love
  7. Crazy Hearts
  8. You Got Me by the Heart
  9. With You
  10. Love This Time

Paradise (1983)

Charly McClain - Paradise


  1. Meet You in the Middle of the Bed
  2. This Heart's for You
  3. One More Time for Me
  4. Four Seasons of Love
  5. Midnight in Memphis
  6. Paradise Tonight
  7. Matter of Time
  8. Fly into Love
  9. Best That Never Was
  10. Has Anyone Here Seen My Heart

The Woman in Me (1983)

Charly McClain - The Woman in Me

The Woman in Me

  1. Band of Gold
  2. Can't See the Love for the Tears
  3. The Woman in Me
  4. I Don't See Me in Your Eyes
  5. Rock Away a Heartache
  6. Sentimental Ol' You
  7. His Love Is Out of My Hands
  8. Just Look What You've Done to My Heart
  9. First Time Feeling (On a Second Hand Heart)

Charly (1984)

Charly McClain - Charly


  1. Some Hearts Get All the Breaks
  2. When I Get Home to You
  3. Hearts Like Mine
  4. I Know a Good Thing When I Feel It
  5. Someone Like You
  6. I'm Not the Reason (He's Not Your Man)
  7. Come Back (When You Can StayForever)
  8. Still a Mystery
  9. You're Making It Easy
  10. Until I Fall in Love Again

Radio Heart (1985)

Charly McClain - Radio Heart

Radio Heart

  1. With Just One Look in Your Eyes (featuring Wayne Massey)
  2. Too Many Tears Too Late
  3. Tangled in a Teardrop
  4. You Make Me Feel So Good
  5. Radio Heart
  6. So This Is Love
  7. You Don't Have the Heart
  8. We Got Love
  9. Talking to the Moon
  10. You Are My Music, You Are My Song (featuring Wayne Massey)

When Love Is Right (1986)

Charly McClain & Wayne Massey - When Love Is Right

When Love Is Right

  1. Love That Lasts Forever
  2. When Love Is Right
  3. Homestead
  4. I Was Made for Lovin' You
  5. Let's Amaze the World
  6. When It's Down To Me And You
  7. Some People Belong Together
  8. With Just One Look in Your Eyes
  9. I'll Always Try Forever One More Time
  10. Someone Like You

Still I Stay (1987)

Charly McClain - Still I Stay

Still I Stay

  1. Paradise Avenue
  2. Don't Touch Me There
  3. And Then Some
  4. Old Flame, New Fire
  5. Blue
  6. Number 1 in Your Eyes
  7. Still I Stay
  8. I Know the Way by Heart
  9. What Makes Love Go 'Round and 'Round
  10. If You Didn't Need Me

Other Songs

  1. When Love Ain't Right

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