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Stop And Listen

This song is by Charlotte Diamond and appears on the album Diamonds & Dragons (1988).

You've gotta stop and listen to that tapping sound (tap, tap)
Stop and listen, it's tapping all around (tap, tap)
Mother Nature's tapping a tune, tapping for me and you
When you hear those raindrops, tap, tap, tapping
Do some tapping too. (tap, tap)

Snapping sound -- fingers nsap, snap, snapping

Popping sound - popcorn, pop, pop, popping

Clapping sound -- seals go clap, clap, clap

Rumbling sound - Mother Nature's tummy rumbling
Somewhere over your head
When you hear the thunder rumbling
Better hide underneath your bed!

Humming sound -- hummingbirds start, hum, hum, humming

You've gotta stop and listen, there's music all around
Like a band a-playing with many different sounds
Mother Nature's playing a tune and we can sing along
When we're snapping, clapping, and pop, pop, popping
It makes a happy sound

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