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Hastings Street

This song is by Charlie Spand and Blind Blake and appears on the compilation Down in the Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove of Vintage 78s (1926-1937) (1977) and on the compilation American Epic: The Collection (2017).

Aw, Spand, you ain't never been to Detroit in your life
Go on out to Hastings Street, but he doing the boogie, doing very woogie
You're crying, but you been off in Detroit three weeks, you think that's a long, long time
Must be having somebody in Detroit you're really wild about
You go back there now you're gonna sure get boogie

I know you wanna go back to 169 Brady 'cause I can't hardly rest
Always telling me about Brady Street, wonder what is on Brady
Must be something there very marvelous, mm-mm-mmm
Make me think I, make me feel I wanna go to Detroit
I believe it's something that'd make you feel "Oh boy and how"
Let's go back

This man ain't mean but this job is so doggone hard and irregular
I believe I feel like gettin' woogie
It's good to have them nice broads to your side, it's tight


Written by:

Blind Blake


  • Blind Blake: Guitar & Vocals
  • Charlie Spand: Piano

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