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A Lot of Livin' to Do

This song is by Charles Strouse and appears on the musical soundtrack Bye Bye Birdie (1960).

There are chicks just ripe for some kissin'
And I mean to kiss me a few!
Man, those chicks don't know what they're missin',
I got a lot of living to do!
Sizzlin' steaks all ready for tastin'
And there's Cadillacs, all shiny and new!
Gotta move, cause time is a-wastin',
There's such a lot of livin' to do!

There are men of nineteen or twenty
Who are suave and reckless and true
Older men who'll give a girl plenty
I've got a a lot of livin' to do

There's music to play
Places to go, people to see!
Everything for you and me!

(Birdie and Girls)
Crazy clothes,
And motor boat races.
Someone nice to cuddle up to.
Broadway lights, and wide open spaces
There's such a lot of livin' to do.

Lots of dates
And no one to scold you.
Loop the loop,
And laugh at the view.
Moonlight swims,
And someone to hold you.
We've got a lot of livin' to do!

There's music to play (Girls: You know it)
Places to go (Girls: You know it)
People to see!
Everything (Girls: Yeah!)
For you and me!

Oh, life's a ball
If only you know it
And it's all just waiting for you
You're alive,
So come on and show it
We got a lot of livin'
Such a lot of livin'
What a lot of livin' to do!

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