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House Is Not a Home

This song is by Charles & Eddie and appears on the album Duophonic (1992) and on the compilation Bravo Hits 4 (1993).

It's four o'clock in the morning;
You haven't called.
I know we have got some
We need to solve.
I know I made a few mistakes
That I can't take back,
But, girl, you got to know I love you,
And that's a fact.

'Cause our house is not a home.
Without your love, I feel alone.
If you hear these words
Coming from your man,
Please come back;
I miss you so.

It doesn't matter who did what;
I'll take the blame.
'Cause I would give up my whole world
To have you back again,
In my arms.
Sure as the leaves that fall in winter,
You've got to know:
(Please don't go, baby, please don't go.)
Whatever it is you think is wrong...
There is hope.

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