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Ceremony After a Fire-Raid

This song is by Chamber - L'Orchestre de Chambre Noir and appears on the album L'Orchestre de chambre noir (2002).

The grievers
Among the streets burned to tireless death
A child of a view hours
With it's kneading mouth
Charred on the black brest of the grave
The mother dug, and it's arms full of fire

Begin with singing - sing
Darkness kindled back into beginning
When the caught tongue nodded blind
A star was broken
Into the centuries of the child
Myselves grieve now, and miracles cannot atone

Forgive - us forgive
Us your death that myselves, the believers
May hold it in a great flood
Till the blood shall spurt,
And the dust shall sing like a bird
As the grains blow, as your death grows through our heart

Your dying cry
Child beyond the cockcrow, by the fire-dwarfed
Street we chant the flying sea
In the body bereft
Love is last light spoken
Oh seed of the sons
In the loin of the black husk left...

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