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Culte Des Mortes (I)

This song is by Cerebral Fix and appears on the album Tower Of Spite (1990).

Medical research
Beyond our beliefs
The purpose of cures
Immorality I seek
Encased for the future
When dead is my disease
I hatch from my tomb
New born you must believe

Technology has bred me
My reawakening has come
Crionic I breath
Crionic I breath
The search for immortality
All ease to my life
The endless darkness now opens
I welcome the touch of light

Cryonic bodies lie deep in wait
Anaesthetic their burden, the ice now seeps
Shaken the dead, they rot in the earth
The promises they missed, they inherit the earth
Cryonic I breath cryonic, I've become
The search for immortality, my life has begun

Science advances
Reasons to believe
The conquest of fears
Immortality I seek
My awaiting now over
The dead hear my cry
I reach from my burden
Born I hear you cry

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