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Creator Of Outcasts

This song is by Cerebral Fix and appears on the album Death Erotica (1992).

Life causes pain
Dreams are my gain
Lost to the few

Scream out the shame
Lost out on life
I have no choice
Infected fate

Lost to the grave
Life is a game
Dreams turn to shame

Lost out in time
Scream out the pain
Lost out of life
Have no rights

Pray to be free
Lost to the grave
If God really loved me
Take me in his arms

Cradle me to heaven
And take away the pain
An outcast redeem me
Protect me from this sin

Cradle me in heaven
And take away the shame
Reasons flood in the rain
Whispers turn out again

Banished to be alone
I see the pain inside grow
Hatred is what they wage
Blood reaks of disease

Banished to be alone
I see the pain inside grow
You made me pay
Watching my life slip away

My life now fades
My body wretched, wastes away
Innocent - I rot away
Wasted - You turn away


Written by:

Gregg Fellows; Simon Forrest; Frost; Frank Healy; Tony Warburton

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