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The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos (2006)

Celph titled

The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos

Disc 1
  1. Primo's Four Course Meal
  2. Playin' With Fire (featuring Styles Of Beyond and Apathy)
  3. Spoiled Rotten (featuring J-Zone)
  4. Way Of The Gun (featuring Apathy, Esoteric and Lord Digga)
  5. Diablos (featuring Louis Logic)
  6. So Cold (featuring Oktober)
  7. All About Drama (featuring Ali Vegas, Big Scoob and Sleepy Eyes)
  8. Clap (featuring Oktober and Cashmere The Pro)
  9. Never The Least
  10. Guerilla Orchestra (featuring Apathy and Tino Vega)
  11. The Battle (Extended Mix) (featuring Mike Shinoda)
  12. Revaporate (featuring Majik Most and Dutchmassive)
  13. Down & Dirty About My Scratch
  14. Who's Fuckin' Around (Remix) (featuring K-Skills)
  15. Rock (Remix) (featuring J-Zone, Lexicon, Louis Logic and Ryu)
  16. Fahrenheit 813 (featuring Majik Most and Dutchmassive)
  17. The Countdown Theory (featuring Walkmen)
  18. Hold Something (featuring Dutchmassive)
Disc 2
  1. Turntable Science
  2. Yell At Us (featuring Apathy and Esoteric)
  3. Right Now
  4. All Out War (featuring Lyrical Commission)
  5. Eastadiccup (featuring J-Zone)
  6. Just A Feelin' (featuring Majik Most)
  7. Without Warning (featuring The 1 Shanti)
  8. Devastating MC's (featuring Apathy and Esoteric)
  9. S.C.O.M. (featuring Juelz Santana, Mike Shinoda and Ryu)
  10. Represent (featuring Apathy and Motive)
  11. The Final Word (featuring El-Fudge)
  12. 7L Freestyle (featuring Big Scoob and Terra)
  13. Extra Thug Sauce (J-Zone Remix) (featuring Guttamouf and Majik Most)
  14. 616 Rewind (featuring Cunninlynguists, Kashal-Tee, Sankofa and Tonedeff)
  15. Tropic States (featuring Dutchmassive, Murdock, Primetyme, RK, Tino Vega and Vocab)
  16. Inaudible
  17. Fallout (featuring Dutchmassive and Walkmen)
  18. Critical Conditions (12" Mix) (featuring Dutchmassive and Vex)
  19. Do That (featuring Dutchmassive)
Disc 3
  1. Blao! (featuring Hot Karl, Fabolous and Redman)
  2. Me & My Friends (featuring Apathy and One Two)
  3. Stuck Up (Stick 'Em Remix) (featuring Eternia and Majik Most)
  4. F-L-A Team (featuring Murdock and Tino Vega)
  5. Demigodz Clap (featuring Apathy, Esoteric, Motive and Styles Of Beyond)
  6. Extra Thug Sauce (featuring Guttamouf and Majik Most)
  7. The Revolution (featuring Outerspace)
  8. Open The Mic (featuring J-Zone, J.J. Brown, Louis Logic and Jay Love)
  9. Panic (featuring RichBums)
  10. Who What When Where (featuring Majik Most)
  11. Freestyle
  12. Pit Of The Flame (featuring Dutchmassive and Majik Most)
  13. All Night (featuring Apathy and Tak)
  14. Mother Molesters Freestyle (featuring Apathy and Majik Most)
  15. It Ain't
  16. DJ Unknown & Mekalek Freestyle (featuring J-Zone, Al-Shid and Rok-One)
  17. Forever (featuring Kimani Rogers, El-Fudge, Mr. Complex and Mr. Rictor)
  18. Windows 98 (featuring Majik Most)
  19. Phantasmagoria (featuring Araknophobix, Dutchmassive, Maleko and Raj)
Disc 4
  1. Floss Filthy (featuring Big Scoob)
  2. Political Gangstas (featuring Apathy)
  3. Baldwin Brothers (featuring Majik Most)
  4. Murder Death Kill (featuring Esoteric)
  5. Can't Leave Rap Alone (featuring Apathy and Ryu)
  6. Big Dummy (featuring Mareko)
  7. Who's Fuckin' Around (featuring K-Skills)
  8. Silence & I (featuring Vinnie Paz and King Syze)
  9. Cover & Duck (featuring Mike Shinoda and Styles Of Beyond)
  10. Skrilla Guerilla Freestyle
  11. Shhhh! (featuring Apathy)
  12. You Ain't Seen It Comin' (featuring Highcollide and Paradox)
  13. Mother Molesters Freestyle (MILF Mix) (featuring Apathy and Majik Most)
  14. All Out War (Prowla Remix) (featuring Lyrical Commission)
  15. Real Villains (featuring Guttamouf, Lord Digga and Majik Most)
  16. Yell At Us (Devastator Remix) (featuring Apathy and Esoteric)
  17. Tampa International (Remix) (featuring Funkghost, I-Man and Phobi-One)
  18. The Countdown Theory (Remix) (featuring Walkmen)
  19. Critical Conditional (Original Mix) (featuring Dutchmassive, Majik Most and Vex)

Nineteen Ninety Now (2010)


Nineteen Ninety Now

  1. The Deal Maker
  2. Out To Lunch (featuring Tretch)
  3. Eraserheads (featuring Vinnie Paz)
  4. Fuckmaster Sex
  5. Swashbuckling (featuring Apathy, Ryu and Esoteric)
  6. I Could Write A Rhyme
  7. Hardcore Data
  8. Mad Ammo (featuring F.T. and R.A. The Rugged Man)
  9. Tingin'
  10. There Will Be Blood (featuring Sadat X, Grand Puba, A.G., O.C. and Diamond D)
  11. Miss Those Days
  12. Step Correctly
  13. Wack Juice
  14. Styles Ain't Raw (featuring Apathy and Chino XL)
  15. Where I Are
  16. Time Travels On (featuring Majik Most and Dutchmassive)

Other Songs

  1. Buck's Four Course Meal
  2. Captivate/Deactivate
  3. Celph Destruction
  4. Critical Conditions
  5. Mad As Fuck
  6. Nothin To Say (featuring Rise)
  7. Off The Chrome
  8. Stay Dirty

Additional information

Real name:

Celph Titled is a performance name for Victor Mercer.

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Since 1993

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