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Descendants of Hill Country (2015)

Cedric Burnside Project - Descendants of Hill Country

Descendants of Hill Country

  1. Born With It
  2. Hard Times
  3. Front Porch
  4. Don't Shoot the Dice
  5. Going Away Baby
  6. Airport
  7. You Just Wait and See
  8. Tell Me What I'm Gonna Do
  9. This Is for the Soldiers
  10. Skinny Woman
  11. That Changes Everything
  12. Down in the Delta
  13. Love Her 'Til I Die

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Artist information:


  • Occupation: Drummer, singer, guitarist, songwriter
  • Instruments: Drums, guitar, vocals

Real name:

Cedric Burnside is a performance name for Cedric O. Burnside.

Also known as:

Cedric Burnside Project

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