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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Safer (Live Version) by Animal Collective
  2. Stay All Night (Chulahoma Session) by The Black Keys
  3. Rhododendrons by Bloc Party
  4. Coat Check Dream Song (Live Version) by Bright Eyes
  5. Wataridori 2 (Exclusive Version) by Cornelius
  6. Late Night Shopping (Chris Vrenna Remix) by David Sylvian
  7. World Shut Your Mouth by Death Cab For Cutie (cover of "World Shut Your Mouth" by Julian Cope)
  8. Washington Bullets by The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  9. The Walk (Live Version) by The Cure
  10. Turn on Me (Clint Mansell Remix) by The Shins
  11. Rhythm and Soul (Middle Version) by Spoon
  12. One Day Across the Valley by Teargas & Plategas
  13. The Passing Stars by Thievery Corporation
  14. Gimme Some Truth by Travis (cover of "Gimme Some Truth" by John Lennon)

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