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Fun Fun Fun

This song is by Cats Millionaire, features SoGreatandPowerful and appears on the album Fun Fun Fun (2013).

It was so hot outside the cave
Pinkie just wanted to play by the lake
But by the time that she returned it was clear she was already late
They filled the pond
The other ones
She found it odd
To see them move
The copies of her own body
Outside of her influence

Can you see your likeness around you?
Can you feel a lightness surround you?
Can it be so easy to drown you?
Can it be that maybe they found you?

Fun fun fun

Surrounded by her mirrors
Pinkie just wanted to disappear
All she could hear were the choruses of her own voices
That echoed in her ears
Some simply repeated "fun"
Others said "you're a pain to your friends"
It was a hard thought to neglect
While the whole mess came to a head

As Pinkie and her reflections were gathered
Into the room
And indiscriminately popped like balloons
She knew exactly what she'd do

All around her the other ones were pulled back into the lake
As she stared at the paint
Even though she'd do anything to be with her friends again
She willingly looked away

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