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She's My Hallelujah

This song is by Catman Cohen and appears on the album How I Want to Dream: the Catman Chronicles 3 (2009).

I have an evil lover
Torments me with her sting
Fierce Canadian winter
Wearing boots
Made in Beijing

Bathes me in her blood
Leaves wounds across my face
Traps me in her heart
Feels like ice
Inside her lake

She's my Hallelujah
My Hallelujah
In our Land of

And no man
Could forget
The darkness in her eyes
No man could resist
The perfume of her mind

Build a pagan temple
From her naked holy skin
Live inside her spider
By the gods
Who dwell within

I have an evil lover
Rides my aching soul
Blocks the sun
From shining
In the desert
Where I grow

Wraps me in her scent
Stupefies my brain
Turns my nights
To hunger
For the feast that
She became

She's my Hallelujah
My Hallelujah
In our Land of

She's my love
My tragic flaw
In our Land of

My tragic flaw


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