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Not Ready to Go

This song is by Catman Cohen and appears on the album How I Want to Dream: the Catman Chronicles 3 (2009).

There's no escape
From the pain
Here it comes again

Wearing my graveyard skin
As the night descends

But I'm not ready
No, I'm not ready
To go

No, not ready
To go

Roll me over
And raise my head
Lift my arms
Throw away my meds

One more ride
Round the park where we played
One last trip
To the lake where we bathed

Youth was an awkward time
Never got it right
Shadows captured my mind
So afraid of life

False idols led me astray
And my spirit waned
Routine made me its slave
In the tomb I made

And now I'm ready
Oh, now I'm ready
To ah...

Take the dance
I refused you
That night

Fly to Greenland
And glide
On the ice

Sail the Kwai
Make love in Bangkok

Spend more time
In your heavenly spot

And now I'm ready.
Oh, now I'm ready
To ah...

It's late
But I'm ready
So late
But I'm ready
It's late
But I'm ready
To ah...


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