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British Blues
A musical movement that formed around the London blues clubs of the 1960s. Its progenitors included Alexis Korner, Tony McPhee and Blues Incorporated who played music heavily influenced by the burgeoning United States Blues scene, particularly the Chicago Blues of the likes of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf and the Electric Blues of B.B. King.

Korner's protégés included Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac fame and John Mayall who in turn fostered the talents of Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor and Jimmy Page who were to develop the sound into Blues Rock. The scene was also, together with US Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, a major influence on the British Rhythm & Blues sound including The Rolling Stones and The Animals.

True British Blues is closest in form to Chicago blues - where the bands used electric guitars whilst attempting to retain the pure blues form.
Stylistic origins:
Blues, R&B, Chicago Blues, Skiffle
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