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African Blues
* Primarily from West Africa, the term may also reference a putative journey undertaken by traditional African music from its homeland to the United States and back.
* Some scholars and ethnomusicologists have speculated that the origins of the blues can be traced to the musical traditions of Africa, as retained by African-Americans during and after slavery.
* Even though the blues is a key component of American popular music, its rural, African-American origins are largely undocumented, and its stylistic links with African instrumental traditions are somewhat tenuous.
* One musical influence that can be traced back to African sources is that of the plantation work songs with their call-and-response format, and more especially the relatively free-form field hollers of the later share croppers, which seem to have been directly responsible for the characteristic vocal style of the blues.
Stylistic origins:
Music of Africa Wikipedia16, Music of West Africa Wikipedia16
Rock 'N' Roll, R&B, Swing
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