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Tom Justice, The Choir Boy Robber, Apprehended at Ace Hardware in Libertyville, IL

This song is by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and appears on the album Vs. Children (2009).

Steelman frame in a creek bed
Took the money and you fled
Counted months till they found you
They had your bike they were bound to

26 from here to home
26 no gun just notes
26 without a shot
That's more than Bonnie and Clyde got

You know they called you the Choir Boy
Before they had any hints
That you only ever pressed your palms
So you wouldn't leave prints

Don't they say you can't go home
Thanksgiving you should have known
Read your rights and cuffed face down
In front of Ace Hardware in your hometown

Order called and they read your name
On your feet as judgment came
All those times they thought you were praying
Tom you should've been praying

You know they called you the Choir Boy
The way you cleared those safes
But you only ever bowed your head
To keep your face off the tapes

And Tom I heard you were smiling
When the feds rushed in
Was it a kind of relief
To pay for your sin

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