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Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Horizontal And The Vertical (2018)

Cash Rivers And The Sinners - Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Horizontal and The Vertical

Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Horizontal and The Vertical

  1. Intro
  2. Children Of The Popcorn
  3. Cheap Truck
  4. My Jagwire
  5. We Gotta Go
  6. Bug Race
  7. Object In Motion
  8. I Wouldn't
  9. Slide On Sloopy
  10. Take Her Home, Tuck Her In And Go Back Out
  11. Bubble Country TV Spot
  12. Soda Pop
  13. She's Too Big To Be My Baby
  14. She Discoed Out The Door
  15. Go Get 'em David
  16. Barber Shop Quintet Contest Champions Of Minneapolis
  17. Rock And Roll Keeps You Alive
  18. My Heart's Still Beating
  19. He Lives Upstairs
  20. Orchestrated Horseshit Radio Spot
  21. Bobby Bare
  22. Future Of Rock
  23. Crispy Old Crackhead
  24. Robot Arms
  25. Cats Crevens
  26. Buffalo Eleanor
  27. There's No Such Thing As Global Warming
  28. Lyin' MF
  29. It's Only Rock And Roll
  30. MB On GNR
  31. O Brother You're Out There
  32. Orchestrated Horseshit TV Spot 2
  33. Honky Tonk Bebop Lover
  34. T V's Got A Lot Of Things On His Mind
  35. Don't Mock A Chihuahua
  36. Blindsiding A Leprechaun
  37. Bobby Bare Promo - No ProbLimo
  38. Corn Country
  39. What Goes Up
  40. Warning
  41. Tiny Cocka
  42. Marathon Penis Go
  43. Cellphone Baby
  44. 9 Kids By 8 Different Women
  45. Voodoo Lady
  46. Taco Tuesday Plug
  47. Honolulu Titties
  48. Crazy Evil Dancer
  49. Winona On The Rider
  50. Tiny Cocka 1
  51. The Hair
  52. Ready For A Sit Down
  53. You Know She Thinks I'm Sexist
  54. Sex Change Operation
  55. Did You Hear Me Have To Say I Love You To A Man?
  56. You Know You Said Woah
  57. Fifth Village Man
  58. We Party Hard
  59. Delicious Brown Acid/Country Essence
  60. For Every Action
  61. Party Pooper
  62. The Backwash
  63. Eddie Spaghetti
  64. Shit All Over The Place
  65. John Shut Up
  66. Bubble Country 2
  67. 2 O'Clock In The Morning And I'm Still Rocking
  68. Newton's Laws Of Motion
  69. You Know We Get Happy When The Sun Goes Down

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