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You Gentle Me

This song is by Carole King and appears on the album Wrap Around Joy (1974).

You gentle me
By Carole King and David Palmer

When tempers flare to flame
When no one cares to listen
While I'm tryin' to explain
You see the anger rise in me
Adn you calm me down again

Like the first spring lilac rain, you gentle me
Like innocence regained, you gentle me
And the feeling that remains grows
Stronger by degree
When you gentle to me

When rumor comes to call
Suspicion's taking over
And I'm back against the wall
You just smile assuringly
And my defenses fall

When life seems so relentless, you gentle me
When my strving seems so senseless, you gentle me
You lift my spirits, I get higher by degree
When you're gentle to me

When tension's taking shape
When I feel the pressure building and
It's just too much to take
You touch the anxious need in me
With love for lovins sake

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