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You're Something New

This song is by Carole King and appears on the album Wrap Around Joy (1974).

You're something new
By Carole King and David Palmer

When I left the world behind me
Retreating through the past
You reached out to find me
Adn brought me back at last
You've shown me something
Beyond my looking glass
Now loce's in my reflection
In the shadow that you cast on me, and you
You're something ne

You're something new
Under the sun
Under the moon,
You're the light of creation
And I knew
That I'd come to love you

Life seemed oh so temporary
A case of "here and gone"
And I survived just barely
Until you came along
But now each day I'm given
Is one more day I know
A love that's so unselfish
It's a pleasure just to show my love to you
You're something new

You're soemthing new
Under the sun
Under the moon
You're the light of creation...

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