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Time Gone By

This song is by Carole King and appears on the album Time Gone By (1994).

Time gone by
By Carole King

The rebel cry of desolation
To which we used to hearken
Echoes now in isolation
As the skies in fury darken
A thousand acts of desecration
Hundreds more continue
When y'know that you are all creation
You're gonna fight them with all that's in you

I remember time gone by
When peace and hope and dreams were high
We followed inner visions and touched the sky
Now we who still believe won't let them die

Waters dammed to overflowing
Like tears brimming over in our eyes
Sometimes it's so hard to keep on going
When promises turn to lies
Go ahead, give into confussion
And put aside your ideals too
Soon you'll see only illusion
Don't care who's hurt
As long as it's not you

Soemtimes a leader emerges
And is followed for a while
Doesn't matter what he encourages
Just as long as he's got style
Young ones conceived in a passion
Of directions we thought enlighted
Grown up they follow the mood in fashion
But beneathe their bravado
You know they're frightened

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