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Growing Away From Me

This song is by Carole King and appears on the album Music (1971).

Growing away from me
By Carole King

You've been my life to me
My very soul and my heart
But lately something's come over you
And it's tearing me apart

Darlin' I feel you growing away from me
More and more each day
Whatever you want me to be I'll be
If it keeps you from growing away from me

Even whe you say you love me
The feeling's no longer there
I know there's somebody else
And it's more than I can bear

Believe me, I would let you go if I could
But I don't know if it's worse thing being lonely
Than having you here in body only

It's no use pretending
When the love you used to feel is gone
Yet even though I'm losing you
I can't help tryin' to hold on

I feel you
Growing away from me

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