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Good Kind of Love (*)

This song is by Carole King.

He loves her when she's sleeping
And all the dreams she's keeping
She keeps them in a jar, but not too far from her hear.

They head the good kind of love, good kind of love,
They had the right kinda thing, right kinda thing,
Makes me wanna sing it to you a new found treasure
Oh run to him, run to him, right to his arms.
They had the good kind of love.

She finds peace in knowing, knowing he'll always be there.
Imagine all the women who'd like,
Just him and her there so close together,
Now they just met and scoreda man like him

The sun keeps on shining,
He rolls 'round heaven above

A little bit of loving and a kissing and a hugging
That's how they fell in love
They had the good kind of love

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