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Harmlessly Eaten

This song is by Carnophage and appears on the album Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare (2008).

Throught the ways of satisfaction
You'll be my sadism fornication
Drowning I'll open your easy way to die
But I won't let your easy death
You deserved your fate
Throught the endless sodomy

No one will identify your new body style
Even you don't know because you're
Slowly and harmlessly eaten

Please scream to your victims
They won't hear you here
Also I'm not sure
Will they want save your from here
Because you're end of their dreams, eternally

Your beautiful face is fading out now
Your offers are useless for me
You "the slut"
You have hurt too many people in the past
But I feel mercyful may be
I won't let you go
But I'll make you paralysed
Your body and soul are open for me

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