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Anomalistic Resurrection

This song is by Carnophage and appears on the album Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare (2008).

Postponing the date of the sinister celebration
Fire-handed soul of regret is burning us
Immobilizing our souls and our inclination
We will test our endurance

Hired by our hopelesness, risking our spirituality
Face the ancients who are the meaning of vain

Fire will end your all vanity
Crude dreams of universe
Shaped by the fear
Keep the faith within
Against the all your fears
All your emacination
Sardonic industry, calls you to break into pieces
Wretched sins will be grinded
By the miller of souls

Reincarnation, are promised by your infidelity
Diametrically, discorded with the creation

Incubation season of soul, putrefaction is over
Far beyond the madness, concealment ended

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