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You Don't Feel the Same

This song is by Carly Simon and appears on the album Hello Big Man (1983).

(Carly Simon)

Honey, I don't want you to see me this way
So out of control
So carried away
'Cause you don't feel the same

And I remember times when I was your storm
I blew hot and cold
And you were so warm
But, now you don't feel the same

I remember when you were looking up at me
Like I was the only one
That you'd ever wanna see

Honey, how can I ask you to stay
When you've already gone
There's no one to blame
It's just that you don't feel the same

I touch you
Your eyes look away
Your hands are cold
The balance has changed
And darling, you don't feel
Honey, you don't feel
No, you don't feel the same

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