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What Has She Got

This song is by Carly Simon and appears on the album My Romance (1990).

I've got eyes they call beguiling
A string of cultured pearls
And my lips are always smiling
I'm not one of those moody girls
I've studied cooking in a French cafe
As Balanchine's last prodigy
A one time runner up Miss USA

What has she got that I haven't got
Why am I not he girl that makes you heart go dancing
Puts stars in all your dreams
She's everything you want and I'm just me

What has she got that I haven't got

I've got a bed that's warm
I've got a room that's sunny
Kisses so honey sweet
I try everything to sweep you off your feet

Do you like her kind of trouble
Does she bring you to your knees
Have I been playing you all wrong
Always trying to please you

What has she got that I haven't got
What has she got
She's got you...

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