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A Red, Red Rose

This song is by Carly Simon.

Its 3 oclock in the morn
I'm waking you for the storm
A day before the day after
We created laughter
In a white sandy beach that we love
Its only you and i
Everyone else is gone
I've taken all th pain from you
Now we togthr can mov on

Red like a rose
And red as the pen
That we pretend
To give eachother tatoos

Baby it never ends
Its only you and i
Everyone else is someone new
The memories are not important

Nothing matters except me and you

We hav guitars and two old cars,
A couple dogs and a few good friends
And its three in the morn
I'm waking you before the storm
You'll be okay with me
Safely you will sleep

And your voice will speak
And sing
Of a red red rose...
Nobody knows
But you and me

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