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Good Man

This song is by Carla Thomas.

You can catch me in the gentleman's club
Substituting lap dancin' for love, love, love
Going home to an empty house
Thinkin' who should I call for some fun, hey
I never knew love
Until you loved
Never thought
That I'd fall in love
Till you brought out of me
The man I always knew I could be, baby

I can't count the lovers that I've had
All those relationships gone bad
I want to thank you for guiding me
And showing me love
I was just a boy and not a man
Falling deep in love was not the plan
Baby because of you
And what you do
You made me a good man

Had to change my numbers every other week
Gettin' crazy crank calls from them freaks
I'll be in V.I.P with a bottle of something
Trying hard to push up on some peek
Cause' I... I never knew love
Until you loved
You showed me a true love
You gave me the chance
Now I understand how to be a good man
Ooh yes

Thank you
For loving me
It's the love that you give
It's the love you are
It's the love that was you
It's your love for me yeah
Nothin' I be ain't you
My love
For nobody
(Nobody, nobody, nobody)


Written by:

Harvey Jay Mason; Robert L. Huggar; Damon E. Thomas

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