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Poor Boy Blues

This song is by Carl Perkins and appears on the album Country Boy's Dream (1968).

One more time
Just a little thing they call they poor man blues
I've been a working in a cotton field way down south
Choppin and a pickin' lord and followin' the plow
Tryin' to make a livin' on the poor hard ground
I asked for a loan but the boss turned me down
But I'll keep on a workin' cause a can't get down
Another load of Cotton' gotta take into town
I'll take my little money and buy a new par' shoes
I got a woman sittin' home humming the poor boy blues
She goes ahummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahummmmmmmmm Poor old soul she goes ahummmmmmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
Just a little thing they call the poor boys blues

I got in debt to the bank and now I can't move on
I'll stay in the field till the last bo's gone
I got one old mule, that I recon' is my own
They might keep me down but I'll keep humming my song
I'll go ammmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahummmm mmmmm
One more time ammmmmmm mmmmmmmm aummm mmmmmm

Just a little thing they call the poor boys blues

Ah they say the great society goin' a change a few things
A farmer like me I wonder what it's goin'a bring
I don't pay taxes I say it with a smile
'Cause I ain't never made enough in my life to file
But I'll keep on a workin' till the lord calls me home
That's when I'll know if I've done wrong
I keep on a humming let everybody sue
The Poor national anthem called the Poor blues
I go ammmmmmmm ammmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm
One more time ammmmmmmmmm ammmmmmm
Just a little thing they call the poor boys blues
Ammmmmmmmm mmmmmm ammmmmmm
One more time mmmmmmm

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