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Harp Attack! (1990)

James Cotton, Junior Wells, Carey Bell & Billy Branch - Harp Attack!

Harp Attack!

  1. Down Home Blues
  2. Who
  3. Keep Your Hands Out of My Pockets
  4. Little Car Blues
  5. My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble
  6. Broke and Hungry
  7. Hit Man
  8. Black Night
  9. Somebody Changed the Lock
  10. Second Hand Man
  11. New Kid on the Block

Other Songs

  1. Man And The Blues
  2. Walkin' By Myself
  3. Walkin' Thru The Park

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1936, d.2007

  • Occupation: musician, singer
  • Instruments: harmonica, bass, vocals

Real name:

Carey Bell is a performance name for Carey Bell Harrington.

Years active:



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