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Dublin Lullaby

This song is by Captain Tractor and appears on the album Bought The Farm (1997).

We're gonna drink and fight, and drink and fight, and drink and fight some more.
When the drinking's done grab anyone and go and fight some more.
So grab your friends and neighbours and punch 'em in the eye,
And raise another glass and sing the Dublin lullaby

O'Leary was a bastard.
I gave his head a crack.
I drank a pint of Guinness
And puked all over his back.

Oh Johnus he was sickened
With Patty in the back.
When Irish eyes are smiling
We'll punch 'em till they're black.

O'Leary and O'Connell
Had been drinking pretty hard.
Been sitting for a fortnight
With Clancy at the bar.

He got so stewed that when he spewed
We swore he must've drowned.
So we kicked his ass, raised a glass
And bought another round.

Well, I went out with O'Leary
To old MacDonald's wake.
We drank a lot of Stone Ale
And ate a lot of cake.

O'Malley singin' "Danny Boy"
And filled my eyes with tears
So I kicked his nuts right into his guts
And had another beer.


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