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City of Champions

This song is by Captain Tractor and appears on the album Hoserista (2000).

I came west from Halifax
Chasing jobs in the sun
I wound out north of Calgary
Driving truck On the Yellowhead run

And I worked every day for six months
I really dug my heels in
Then I woke up one morning
Stated living again


I hung out on the Avenue
Friendly faces in every bar
Shooting pool and shootin' the shit
Could take you pretty far
And I saw her one night in the Raven
She made my heart stand still
To make that girl my baby, lord
I swore I'd even kill

City of Champions
My life fell a part
City of Champions
I lost my heart

It only took a few months
And we knew it would be the rest of our lives
We pledged our love forever, got lost in each other's eyes
Then one night at the Black Dog, I got jumped from behind
Left me on the bathroom floor, more dead then alive

In the city of champions
Blood on my shoes
The city of champions
Someone has to lose

I crawled back to my baby's arms and we headed for the back door
Lord we almost made it out, when he came back for some more
And I lashed out blind with my right fist, and I caught him square in the jaw
His head hit a bar stool, then he hit the floor

The city of champions
Took another man
In The city of champions
I squeezed my baby's hand

Last time I saw her was from the the back seat of a car
I'm trading in Whyte avenue for a harder set of bars
And I wish I was back in the Black Dog, Pouring money into the till
'Cause I can see my baby now I know she's waiting there still

The city of champions, I through my life away
The city of champions, said someone had to pay
The city of champions, where I face my fears
The city of champions, gave me 25 years

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