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Corriente de aire (2001)

Canu - Corriente De Aire

Corriente De Aire

  1. Glass (featuring Andrea Taranto)
  2. Corriente de aire (featuring Gustavo Russo)
  3. Longboard (featuring Mariane Monjeau)
  4. Won't Look In Your Eyes (featuring Fernando Benedetti and Gustavo Russo)
  5. Casa radar
  6. Backstage
  7. Barely Legal (featuring Fernando Benedetti and Luciano Siclari)
  8. ¡Viste! (featuring Fernando Pulicino and Mariane Monjeau)
  9. Polvareda (featuring Gustavo Russo, Mariane Monjeau and Rubén Kain)
  10. Mediodía magistral
  11. Backstage (Boeing Remix)

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Canu is a performance name for Adrián Valenzuela.

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