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Wake Up

This song is by Canibus.

Wake up! Nowadays there is no such thing as snitching
Satellites and cameras watching and listening
How many people know the world they live in?
Technology is king, biometric scanning skin let you in
Unorthodox paradox iron locked hiphop inside it's echovox, believe it or not!
The western world is not conscious, but spiritual steril
Impell, one thousand dollars a barell, but how?
Good and evil converse, the reaction is like hot magma and icebergs
Try to find the right words, to describe what I observes
So much to unlearn, that's a subterm so how do I explain what occurs?
The reversal of the magnetism in the solar system
Nothing can be taken, everything must be given
That way nothing will ever go missing, and we can continue our mission
Spitting tripple digit tempest lyrics
But you can't hear it, but still...

Power struggle to the finish
Hip hop was not made for the timid
But you can't criticise it if you don't live it
Myriad of MC's opens up a vortex, creating a vortech of (?)
Canibus at the speed of C, the exponential factor is me
Call the greek, (canibus) Robbie G
The exponential factor is me, a MC Robbie G
Wake up before we knock you out of sleep

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