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Ultra Runner

This song is by Canibus.

Conditioning, Endurance, Memory, Quick Recovery,
Run with me, among other things
The man is wise... Scan through the air with his eyes
Cabin air analyze rhymes
100 bottles of beer on the wall
From a slow jog, to a low crawl, I move on
Run with firm footing, calories burn fully
Orlando trains and exchange words wit' me
Circular breathing, break for hydration feeding
No eating, No self defeating,
No dreaming, the bleeding has No meaning...
Just cross the finish line screaming
Envisioning this! is believing...
The tail gates fail safe, to move at a snails pace
And clover leafa back around to the race
REPORT! How do the electrolytes taste?!
GREAT! Continue to maintain pace
Written, produced, recorded the water then resorted
Jesse charted the precise approach coordinates
The name Jesse James, NO PAIN NO PLAYIN'??
No plane, this is Tarahumara... on the train
The medic in the theatre of athletics
Hypoxia Calisthenics... Reanimate the subjects
Inject the Celibrex, 80 miles and 12 hours bet
Let's get going, no sweat...
STOP. Let us watch the horse grow crops
That's a bad sign, lets go back... Lets not
3 point knee joints, pigeon toed Spike Lee joints
Blonde hair beach boy complete point
Road Runna, hot Hemoglobin on a cold summer
I already won the race... NO WONDER

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