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Show and Prove

This song is by Canibus.

Not you burnt out yet? Aye, let's work up a sweat
Canibus ain't even finished with his verse yet
Let's be pragmatic, you're a sociopathic rap addict
Probably the best fashion if you have it
Diarrhoea in the vocal booth, this nigga don't know what to do
The only one he open up to is you
I said I right a hundred rhymes, he said he wrote one rhyme a hundred times
But it never sound tougher than mines
Spit a rhyme like Nasty Nas
Like Jaheim, Jadakiss to Jay-Z when he was on Jive
When Wolf died I was with Busta Rhymes
So much time passed I just can't adjust all the time
Here is the bread, here is the blood
There are fifty thugs in the room here's what we done
Crashed the mothership, the brothers of the UnderGods recovered it
Do you prefer public or private punishment, motherfucker

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