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Scars N Stripes

This song is by Canibus.

They say Bis, show me something that can get me killed
I say naw man, you don't want to feel that thrill
We defile one another, so stop freestylin' muthafucka'
It ain't nothing to be proud of brother
Let go your ego, then you will connect with the people
Everything else is all evil
Identity distorts our survival collectively
The magic magnetically protected me hermetically
Energetically I never fuck with telepathy
You act like a asshole
I step to my business and my niggaz gon' step with me
Mathematics right to the left of me, volcanic pressure release
Have I defeated you before? Agree with a nod
If you disagree then you need more bars
Teach you how to behave, savages are treated like slaves
Get your wages donated to clear the raid (?)
Yeah, you a brave renegade till they crack your egg
With a powder keg strapped to the back of your head
I smoke so much I snore, spit it raw
Hydrate, then put lyrics back on the board
I'm a hog in balls, deep drawers
Heartbeat, jaws, eagle claws for meat carvin' every mornin'
No peace for the Gods, the beast takes the shape of the stars
The invaded armada at dawn
Land on the White House lawn, with flip-flops on
That's right I'm not armed, singin' hip-hop songs

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