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This song is by Canibus.

Resurrection, introspection, what's the lesson?
Let me show you what you been missing
I ain't had a beat mellow like this in a while
I spit professional style, no question, no doubt
Internationally renowned talent
Canibus knowledge, solid, stylist hip hop dialect, what you know about it?
Spit more verses than a couple hundred thousand
Voice box growling, since the first album
The eye in the obelisk is watching our consciousness
Hip Hop's a flying object, I know how to pilot it
Put mask on for oxygen before you try to rhyme like this
Red light switch, green light spit
Multisyllabic rap savage swinging through the jungles on a vine of language
With divine understanding of God's people and God's planet
Don't worship the satanic and panic
Man up and bang it

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