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No Doubt (Remix)

This song is by Canibus.

Seven O two, remix
Three chicks, brothers is dying to be with
But I need chips so I can reinvest in a whip
Then I'll add another six cylinders to my V six
And pick you up in the V twelve, SL
Much better acceleration now, can't you tell?
Canibus is the name, can't you smell
Spitting game you can't rebel
And lower your defensive (A)

Come on, you can't ignore that your feeling so strong
You even told me you don't want to be alone, anymore
But as soon I close the door, you start saying no
You ain't sure, then what you come home with me for?
Girls be getting me bored, asking me if I know the Lord
Like all I want to do is get in their drawers
(B) The Motown man, this is how we get down man
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