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Natural Born Skillaz

This song is by Canibus.

I'm a Natural Born Skilla

Thirstin Howl the Third and Bis spit hard
Naturally Born to rip these bars
Yo, Vic low can I bust the bars?
You a monster with the lyrical law

You my nigga for life, this ain't just a song
The Bronx bomber was born with body armour on

I'm a Natural Born Skilla (x5)
We Natural Born Spitters

I'm a Natural Born Skilla, guerilla killer
The microphone ripper, my bones bigger then Trilathon stone pillars
I flow real as Captain Cold Crush give you the shivers
'Cause I'm the illest that administers lyrics
Elixirs from an alchemist chemistry fission
Dark brown like Guinness, a dark wizard in a yoga position
Bringing some muscle flash lyrics
In spite of my dark visions in a dark room used for developing pictures
Spit a sentence to silence the Heavens
Exchange knowledge for dollars endeavours
College credit students acknowledge my message
In the presence of Dobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina
Marijuana godfather, bare fisted armed robber
Run up in the beauty parlour, speaking to gallah
Where is the reefer, bitch I'm Phillipino
Feets is rocking Adidas
She told me she never seen it, I was heated
Put her mouth to my penis, like bitch see this, I'll make you clean it
Dirty dick nigga in a dark basement
Screaming on Tigga like nigga I'm the Rap City ripper
The big ripper six shot, snub spitter nigga
I'ma get you motherfucker, I'm a Natural Born Skilla

Spitta, Skilla, Spitta, Skilla (repeats till fade)

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