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This song is by Canibus.

We can perceive anything
'Cause there is a time and space for everything

I'm under twenty-four hour restraint
I meditate for twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes, then take a break
My body is ground based
My soul is probably in outer space
Go hard in the paint till I faint
I tell 'em what it is, they think about what it ain't
The reality they create would not let them escape
The average hip-hop head got Avatar legs
The intellect spreads, now they see what I said
Ras, raise your right hand
Grab the mic off the mic stand, memorize rhymes like a hype-man
There's no light on the cam, darkness falls over the land
Frozen in trance, chosen by chance
The rebel that blast metal, three hundred sixty degree swivel
Three eighty sacramental, special
Backpack a mental metal
The singularity sentinel sent through the Stargate bezel
Made a crystal to tell you
Something simple, and try to prepare you
They restrain you because they fear you
Be careful, or turn into a werewolf, I dare you
They restrain you because they fear you

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