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This song is by Canibus.

Transport rhymes through space tether. Ask Rebecca
To watch out for space weather. Have you ever been to space?
Never. Whatever
Base Jump over the cliff hanger
Iron Man suit protect 'ya from the impact pressure
Got faith? Go test it. I shred it in one method
Spit it and bounce the session 'fore you count to one second
Infinitesimal potential of human mental
Entombed with views that are central
Universally acceptable and generally sensible
The general of hip hop sentinels
Get lyrical is all I ever do!
It all goes back to your thoughts
You start by not eatin' pork right before you prepare what you record
Jamal told me when I was small
My intelligence was odd
I didn't understand nothing at all
For the most part I still don't
Still get busy for real though
Good or bad review, its still dope
Steel reticle scope
Red dot ACOG: That's yours
I'm looking forward to them big boy toys
Carve the music outta the noise
They deaf, so I draw it
The non-conformers performance performed by the artist
Skis, floats, and whales
Icebreaker bow and kill
Magnum roof sales for volcanic spills
The intuition is real
So is the inquisition of the purchase from the hills
Do you focus on skills? Or do you focus on payin' your bills?
Or do you get greedy and broker a deal? I wanna know for real

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