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Jack Move

This song is by Canibus, features Ammbush and appears on the album C of Tranquility (2010).

Canibus and Ambush vibe
Directed energy weapon emission downrange
Fry brains that remain in anatomy not changed
Some consider this preliterate gibberish
That very instant they hear this lyricist
Einstein was right, but he was wrong about the speed of light
He was wrong about the songs that I write
Been faster than that before inside the Hip Hop Rap core
Battled in arenas as Matador
Forced to resign for the force of my rhymes
But thought-wise I was just before my time
It has come and passed, I still put that fire to the gas
You still see the flash when I blast
Rollover clash, everybody out, I get out last
Signal my hand, we spread out fast
Forty pounds heavier, the more rounds the merrier
The Pit Bull Terrier terrorist clearing the area (area)
(Ambush: And just when you thought it was over)
Hyena on the tiger leash biting the beast
Trying to eat, the mouth haven't even learned how to speak
Nice to see you, how you been? How to greet
I'm sorry the industry code of the streets, is poorly out of reach
The body in the trunk smell rotten from the funk
Got the cops down at the dump, rummaging through the junk
While I ride around and stunt with gun, body armor and a blunt
I won't take it if you offer what I want
The jungle is humble, the desert becomes you
Wake up youth, they both wanna take life from you
A ravenous man called Javelin Fangz
Cadavers on the back of the tank drag as they hang
We vibing in here.
(Ambush: And just when you thought it was over)
Yeah, yeah.

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