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It's A Cold, Cold, World

This song is by Canibus.

This goes out to the motherfucker that stole my rhyme book
Let me tell ya what design you took
Ya got a piece of batch 14 article 3
I hope you have a good time it's a remarkable read
It can make you marketable indeed
You now got ya hands on the secrets of a master MC
Personalized print extra wide script so my eyes don't squint
My mind thinks smoke rise through the vent
Try to rework the theory but the logic is thin
I possess the body of jin with a fight klub win
Maybe its just a mic club thing fuck a sling
You could duck a swing I spit webs duck one of them
My fingerprints on your soul when I touch a pen
We interact when you memorize the raps
Identify that syntax applied with stats
When I open my mouth it's like sliding back the bolt
No joke leave a hole in you was an insult
You better check the wind direction when I talk
Before and after somewhere in between I blast ya
Rhymes on deck check the chart specs
Light yo ass up it ain't even dark yet

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