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This song is by Canibus.

Who the fuck want what with Trauma
Diamond sharp tooth piranhas jaundice eyeballs out of Ghana
Snot bubbler to the jugular, California Governor muscular
Hip Hop MY bitch, still in love with her
Bold faced lettering, HTR Veteran Vice President
Weapons cache at the Desert Inn
Ski mask way, dusty mustache like ashtrays
10 confirmed kills on a bad day
'Majestic Mic Master' major, airborne outta Asia
H5N1 on paper
You in solitary confinement, in a cage in a cold climate
CHEERS! Here's a Hot bowl of vomit
BK co-sign it, teardrop take the muzzle off the Rottweiler
Make a Frisbee out ya album
Clown 'em, M4 Pound 'em, lay 'em out mop around 'em
The wolves is howling, the bulls got you off balance

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