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Hit Em

This song is by Canibus.

Aiyo, I sanctified the notepad with blood from a cold hand
That's the reason why I rhyme like no man
Without no keys, this is still a motif
Illuminated lyrics, dope rhymes over dope beats
My ears back engineer the sound they hear
Someone ask you if I get busy, just say, "yeah"
The strongs do what they want, the weak do what they must
I don't give a... they bleed just like us
Knock you out your seat, tie you up
Metronome Man is going to line you up
These clippers, laser beam lyrics for any MC in the presence
But I just wanna wet my beak with these bitches
If Hip Hop died, the body is energized
Then revived beneath the surface of the petrified crimes
Create groans from bones in the taxidermy department
The side effects is called artistic conflict

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