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This song is by Canibus and appears on the Mixtape The Vitruvian Man (2005).

Aiyo Canibus, Nottz, hold up, stop!
Let me find out this album ain't the one to cop
Beats bang like sounds of shots inside the chamber
Real niggas throw your hands up
I played the bench for a while but I'm back to the leather
Give a fuck how I played I'ma scorn the winners
Living with all the trimmings, blinging their cars and spendings
Fucking dogs and the college women

See when the hardest fell, your armour melts through nigga
My 357 bigger than a fruit, nigga
Desert Eagle claws rip right through nigga
Aiyo Nottz, tell them what we came to do nigga

Yo, Canibus nigga, you know the name nigga
Credit still good, ain't no change nigga
We speak the same language I ain't gotta explain it
Talk to the stainless, I replied with a short statement
My reputation was predicted by the ancients
2000 BC they was saying the same shit
They tried to spar with him, he had black Marn' in him
A crystal bottle of venom
They was fucking around with him, I tried to tell them
These rhymes is poisonous boy you will die trembling
A hundred niggas in the back joking, yelling, "Bust them"
Go ahead Bis let the vampire van touch them
My fan base sit and wait for the coming
They couldn't 'Follow the Leader' long enough so I drugged them
Stunting in the wagon, Chrysler Hemi
These Rolls gold Remy's look bigger than twenties
The poor man's Bentley, come here let me talk to you Slimmy
I got Jam Master Canibus in me
And I'm nice with multies, sick with the simi's
When I'm on mic I'm friendly so what can you give me?

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