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Got Dap?

This song is by Canibus.

First things first my friends, you should know nothing ends
It just goes to another place and happens again
You think the spirit in the body is gone, you are wrong
The spirit in the body is strong, look how we rep the song
G Rap, Canibus, Wisedome, it's like that
Hardcore rap but give me dap
G Rap, Canibus, Wisedome got that crack
Real Hip Hop, spit a rap

I'm the old head, second prototype, Manolo on the mic
Dolomite, put his proto on the site
Kool G. Rap, Canibus, Wisedome give me dap
Till it sound like you cock semi back
That son of a bitch came from somebody's daughter
I want him caught before tomorrow and slaughtered
Motherfucker, I'm your father, G. Rap is the Godfather
Hip Hop's long lost father
Take the laser beam gun off the gun charger
Ghostbuster lama, go suck ya momma
Hold Hip Hop for hostage in the hottest box on the continent
The Ghana apartment complex
Out of Body Experience (OOBE), you can't be serious
The Reptilian will hiss till it sounds osedious
You that rapper form Gabba Gabba, you don't matter
You think you know the only answer to make a dope collabba
But you ain't the only master
Yeah I used to be the nicest, going through a midlife mic crisis
Shit! The midwife forgot the diapers
Scorpion monkey spiders, you can't get off Nightmare Island
So I hope you enjoy your assignment
Everything is all private, for the most part all silent
Then explode into all violence
I'm tryna do something that doesn't amount to this

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