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Gone In 60 Seconds

This song is by Canibus and appears on the Mixtape Mic Club Mixtape Master, Vol. 1 (2005).

You got less than a minute left to recognize the voice
Take your blindfold off, look at the size of this joint
I see you lookin' at the barrel, I'ma get to the point
What the fuck is this I'm hearin 'bout beef wit'cha boy?
Beef with who? I got my problems to face
Cause it pours when it rains out in Washington state
Behind a hexagonal shaped gate, you can't even relate
Right now I live inside a base
Inside the beast, watch how I move and speak
There's military police on every street
Life is shit, I taste it in the food I eat
Motherfuckers be amazed by how cool I keep
I don't get depressed, I get the vest
You still don't recognize the voice, you got 20 seconds left
Dawg, my team is small, but you can still look
To the left of your head and see a red beam on the wall
Firepower so awesome, when the barrel is barkin
I lean forward to keep from fallin'
My gun's got grenade launchers on the bottom
Keep talkin', you'll be restin as pieces in a coffin

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